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PER 2-3 xydwrn6

PER 4-5 gxywd

PER 7-8 nlhewr




August 20, 2018


Today was a great first day. I know there's a lot of information regarding the class, but it will get straightened out soon enough. Here's the video from today if you want to watch it again.


Here are some things I forgot to mention:


You must be signed in to your OUSD account in order to access the Slides presentations. We will work on this a bit tomorrow.

I had to change the syllabus a bit so it should be ready to look at tonight. Again, it's due on Wednesday.


There is an informal survey on google classroom. We can do this tomorrow in class. The google classroom codes are as follows:


PER 2-3 xydwrn6

PER 4-5 gxywd

Per 7-8 nlhewr




August 17, 2018


So everyone should have their schedules at this point. I had a chance to look at my roster and I am excited to finally start on Monday. I like to start learning people's names as soon as possible, so if you have a nickname or if you have a different pronunciation, feel free to let me know by email. Also, if you absolutely hate your 7th grade picture and want to use a different one, feel free to send me another one. Also, a few of you don't have pictures yet. If you want to send me a picture to use until Aeries gets updated, I could learn your name a little faster. 


Here's what I look like fyi. My son Benno is better looking so going forward I'll just use pictures of him for all of the online materials.







August 8, 2018

So I smashed my hand pretty good last week and typing is a bit tortuous so I'll keep this brief. Normally, however, I like to post just about every significant event that happens in class. Since you've checked in already, it might be a good idea to take a look at some of the old postings. Keep in mind, however, that this class tends to evolve each year depending on circumstances. In three years at King Middle School, however, I've always maintained a daily website, so have a look at it if you're interested. 
What else? This class is astonishingly easy if you do the work and reach out for help. If you have questions about anything, I always answer emails. So if you have any questions about the class feel free to send an email. Here's what you will need:
MLK Student Planner

Independent reading book

Dedicated Spiral Notebook (just for this class) college ruled (25 cents at Target)

3 Pens

2 Mechanical Pencils

4 Highlighters Pink/Blue/Orange/Yellow



Other details:


The class is basically paperless. We use google classroom for most of our writing and sometimes we'll take notes in our notebooks, but I don't pass out a lot of papers. The important documents are always available online. 


We read for 18 minutes every day. If you have a grade-level book you want to bring in, please do so on the first day. If you have a smartphone or kindle, you can bring that as well. I also have a classroom library that is well-stocked and I'm happy to check out books to students (we'll go over check-out procedures on the first or second day).