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November 15, 2018

Today we finished "Skin" and talked about theme. We also started writing our Schaffer Paragraph about theme in ee cummings' poem "1." It's due at the end of class on Friday.

November 14, 2018


Today we talked about Banksy and the value of art. We also read most of "Skin" and reflected on the dilemma of monetizing artwork. Try to predict the ending and be sure to have your quick write 55-100 words in your notebook.

Here is a link to Banksy's movie and here's a link to his website. The other links are in the  slide show.



November 13, 2018


Today we reviewed our TDQs (get them in if you haven't yet!)  and we watched the 1958 Hitchcock version of "Lamb to the Slaughter" and compared it to the short story. There's a 70s version too but it's a bit weird. 


November 9, 2018


Today we read "Lamb to the Slaughter" by Roald Dahl and worked on the TDQs and had a Stamp Quiz. I'll get these grades up soon. Lots (and man, I means lots) of people didn't link their book plugs so people doing it past the deadline will have to be patient while I update grades. 

I'll also be reading as many book plugs as I can and adjusting some grade (I gave mostly 20/20 to those who linked them) throughout the weekend, I've been terribly busy of late. 

Here are the TDQs


November 8, 2018



Today we stamped and reviewed the TDQs for Landlady and we talked about Counterargument using a scope article on bringing snacks to movies. We also did a no red ink test and a quiz on Roald Dahl. Tomorrow we'll read "Lamb to the Slaughter." Be sure to get your Schaffer paragraphs done.


November 7, 2018



Today we dusted off the textbook and read "The Landlady" by Roald Dahl. Homework is to do number 1-9 but skip 7 and 8. Okay and 6 if you're reading this (we were short of time in some classes). 

We also did some notes on his life and contributions to literature and talked about dramatic irony and reviewed our NoRedInk.

Book Plugs due tomorrow! Link them!

November 6, 2018

Sorry for the late post. Today we worked on dependent and independent clauses on No Red Ink. If you got stuck on them, don't worry, I'll reexplain it tomorrow and try to get you guys through it. The more pressing priority is the Schaffer paragraph on LotF. Please turn those in as they are going straight into the gradebook. There were some good ones and some that need some work and I understand it was a tough assignment. Those of you guys who worked hard and offered feedback, thanks. Peer to peer editing is one of the best things about digital classrooms and looking at the signup sheets, many of you guys got some good feedback from your classmates. We'll read "The Landlady" tomorrow.

November 5, 2018


Today we talked about sentences and sentence fragments and watched the tail  end of the 1963 version of Lord of the Flies and compared the book and film. Be sure to get Schaffer Paragraphs in tomorrow in order to participate in peer review.



November 2, 2018


Today we review our Schaffer paragraphs and watched. I know it's hot in class, hopefully it will get fixed soon or it will cool off.

Here are the BWCSTA



November 1, 2018

Today we watched a video summary of Lord of the Flies and wrote a Schaffer paragraph about the main characters' resistance to savagery. Get these turned in by tomorrow on google classroom. We'll review some of these on Friday.



October 31, 2018



Today we watched a clip of 180 Degrees South and did a quickwrite on the similarities of LotF and Easter Island. Hopefully you got a stamp. We also did a quiz on NoRedInk subjects and verbs. Finally we finished presentations. Tomorrow we'll write up our paragraphs using the info from our charts. Have a safe Halloween. 




October 30, 2018

Today we reviewed some Subject and Verb questions on NoRedInk and finished up the chart from yesterday on Google Classroom. We also saw some projects from LOTF and will finish those tomorrow.



October 29, 2018


Today we watched a video from Crash Course literature about LotF and took a couple of notes. We also started our project presentations..



October 26, 2018


Today we took our LotF Final and reviewed some Schaffer Paragraphs. Test scores should be on Aeries today. Have a great weekend. I'll update BWCST a bit later and I'll try to buy those books.


October 25, 2018

Today we went to the lab and annotated and responded to Stephen King's introduction to LotF. We also took a theme quiz and saw a wrap up of Ch. 12. See Quizlet for vocab terms. Test is tomorrow and it's going to be Straight Out of Quizlet. 


October 24, 2018

Today we watched a brainpop about theme. If you weren't here, check out the transcript. There will be a Quiz on it tomorrow and we took a few notes. We also finished Lord of the Flies and will have a test on it on Friday. We'll QPEC a bit but you can just add a QPEC to what you already have.

Hopefully the air conditioner works tomorrow or the weather cools off. 




October 23, 2018


Today we took a quiz on NoRedInk and had a planner quiz as well and read a lot of Chapter12 in most classes (up to the part when the twins tell Ralph that Roger sharpened a spear at both ends).



October 22, 2018


Today we reviewed NoRedInk, saw some new vocabulary and finished chapter 11 in most classes. We talked about Deus Ex Machina and saw a bit of Superman: The Movie which used the technique to solve an unsolveable ending. It's sort of a cop out, but it's good to know about and identify in literature. We'll talk more about it tomorrow. 5QPECS on ch 11 tonight.


October 19, 2018

Today we learned about "Short Form" and Long Form and how to capitalize titles. We also worked on our slides presentations. These are due Monday (today was the last class day to work on them). Feel free to work on them over the weekend.


October 18, 2018


Today we took a quiz on MLA citations and then wrote a Schaffer response to an article using these in-text citations. Please have these turned in by tomorrow. Character projects are due at the end of class tomorrow. We'll have the chromebooks if you need to add any finishing touches.



October 17, 2018



Today we added to our MLA notes and did our No Red Ink. Please finish the NRI by tomorrow as it will go in the gradebook. We also read most of Ch. 10 in LOTF. Please do 4 QPECs on what we read for a stamp tomorrow.


October 16, 2018

Today we watched a short video on MLA citations and did our TDQs using MLA in-text citations. Notes and TDQs will be stamped tomorrow.
October 15, 2018



Today we learned some new vocab words from Quizlet for chapter 9 and we updated our notes for symbolism (see Slides show). We also read chapter 9 and have to do at least 3 QPECs for tomorrow’s class. We’ll do TDQs tomorrow as well for chapter 8 and 9


October 12, 2018

Today we read the rest of Chapter 8 and peeked in on the 2CD Schaffer paragraph. Homework is 4 3-line QPECs on Ch. 8. Have a nice weekend!




October 11, 2018

Today we looked at a new article and wrote a response using two concrete details. We also read the first third of Chapter 8 in LotF.


October 10, 2018


Today we had a presentation from Ms. Finn about college requirements. Please see her if you have any questions. We also started TDQs for Ch. 7 which are due tomorrow. We also had a planner quiz. Grades will be in Aeries by Thursday.


October 9, 2018


Today we took a look at some new updates to quizlet (new vocab terms) and to the classroom library. We'll get some chrombooks tomorrow to review as well. We also finished Chapter 7 and watched a video review of LotF. Feel free to check all of these out (but not the ones that we haven't read yet). Be sure to QPEC for homework tonight.


October 8, 2018

Today we finished our Benchmark Essays and started some new notes about Irony. I also passed out a document (yes, an actual document) that you should keep in your 3 ring binder. Here's a digital copy if you lose yours


October 4, 2018


Today we continued to work on our Benchmark essay. Most people were able to finish but we will get some more opportunity on Monday to get them done.


October 3, 2018


Today we looked at some of our reflection samples, played Kahoot and worked on TDQs for ch 6. Here are the TDQs if you weren't here. Do 3-5 in notebook.


October 2, 2018

Today we did a quickwrite on the impact of exploration and risk taking. This is due tomorrow and it should be 75 words or more. We also finished Ch. 6 and QPECed.

October 1, 2018


Today we talked about our guiding question for the next six weeks:

"What does the willingness to engage in exploration reveal about one's character? What impact does risk taking and/or exploration have out our society?" These are good questions so we wrote them in our notebooks and looked at a picture of August Landmesser refusing to give the Nazi salute. In this protest, he's taking a risk. What was the impact on society? Probably not much (it took a World War to end Nazism, peaceful protests like Landmesser didn't make an impact.)

In Lord of the Flies, there is some risk taking. As the story progresses, notice how characters (mostly Ralph, Piggy, and Simon) develop through risk-taking and exploration.


September 28


Today we looked at our Schaffer essays a bit and also went to the lab to do Ch. 5 TDQs and work on presentations for LotF. Here are the books. I'll order as many as I can.



September 27, 2018

Today we took our vocab test. Grades are on Aeries. We also read an article on YouTube and wrote a response. We'll go over these responses tomorrow and work on our projects. We also read "Beasts from the Sea" and tomorrow we'll go over QPECs and do some TDQs.

September 26, 2018.

Today we got into groups and started our Character Project for LOTF. We also wrote down some notes on Types of Characters. This is due tomorrow for a stamp.

Book Plugs are also and we'll have a vocab test tomorrow. So please study.

September 25, 2018


Today we reviewed our TDQs and we read chapter 5 (up to where Jack says "he says the beast came from the sea"). 5 QPECSs due tomorrow in notebook..


September 24, 2018

Today we took a practice vocabulary test. It's going on Aeries but it's not worth any points. We will have a Real vocabulary test on Wednesday. So study Quizlet terms.

We also did TDQs for ch. 3 individually rather than in table groups. I'll try to get these graded and in Aeries as soon as possible, but I'm a bit behind.


September 21, 2018


Today we reviewed some Schaffer Paragraphs. I'll update the list soon here's a copy for right now. Some good books out there. Be sure to read all of Ch. 4 and we'll QPEC on Monday.




September 20, 2018


Okay, today was a busy day. We did a quick Shaffer paragraph on Would You Ban Texting and Walking and we also looked at our Book Plugs which are due next Thursday. They are a part of your participation grade, so I'd encourage people to get started. We also read half of Ch. 4 (up to the word "bloody") in most classes, so read up to there just to be safe. Have four 3-line qpecs for homework and also turn in the Schaffer Paragraph by tomorrow if you didn't finish.

Computer homework is also supposed to be done at school and I'm trying give everyone plenty of time (since we all don't have computers).

Also: I need animojis on for all characters except Jack, Piggy and Percival. So save one and email it to me (if you have iOs 12).

I put three on the character map on today's powerpoint. Click the date to check out.



September 19, 2018


Today we read up to  "Johnny was left in triumphant possession of the castles..." in Lord of the Flies (first few pages of Chapter 4) and we started our group TDQs. Be sure those get finished tonight if you didn't finish in class. We also QPECed on the slides presentation which is a good way to QPEC and get some ideas out there. Finally we went to the library for the book fair. If you didn't get a book you can get one all this week at the library.


Back to School Night


September 18, 2018


Today we learned some of the major symbols in Lord of the Flies and reviewed the TDQs that were homework from last night. Grades for TDQs will be posted by Thursday.

Please let your parents/guardians know about Back to School Night from 4-7:30 tonight. Also, bring money for the book fair.


September 17, 2018


Today we worked on the TDQs in tablegroups and QPECed chapter 2. Please get at least two questions answered for homework. You don't need to turn it it; I'll be able to grade them based on any work your group has done.

Let me know if you have questions.


September 14, 2018


Today we typed up our Schaffer responses to "Do You Need Recess" and turned them in on Google Classroom. We also read Lord of the Flies chapter 2. Homework is to QPEC two lines and also be sure to have the paragraph by Monday when I will speed grade them in class.


Edge Chronicles 1 Beyond the Deepwoods by Paul Stewart,

Breathless by Jessica Warman,

If I Stay by Gayle Forman

Inkheart Trilogy by Cornelia Funke



H.I.V.E. by Mark Walden


September 13, 2018


Today we did our second Schaffer paragraph and did our first QPEC discussion on Lord of the Flies, good job Gavin, Jillian and Thalia. We also had a planner quiz. Not everyone did well, but I’ve made a pretty big deal about writing things in the planner Exactly as you see them on the screen or board. Even if you’re absent. We also read up to the part in Ch. 2 where Jack demonstrated that he knew how to clap after the conversation about the ‘beastie.’


September 12, 2018


Today we reviewed our TDQs from the first part of chapter 1 and had a Stamp Quiz. If you were absent, come it at lunch to get points for the stamp quiz. We also played some vocabulary.com games. You should be study these words; we will be tested on them soon


September 11, 2018


Today we worked on TDQs (Text-dependent questions) for the first part of Chapter 1 and we also read up to the word Simon in ch. 1 . Stamp test will be tomorrow so bring notebooks.


September 10, 2018


Today we had a quiz on Parts of Speech, POV and Plot. We also got a few new words Dystopia, Utopia, and Allegory. Quiz scores are in Aeries and scores have been released to your gmail accounts by now. Let me know if you have questions on the test. If it's a situation where you want to make the test up, then that's a lunchtime conversation.


I will miss part of 2nd and maybe some of 3rd tomorrow so my class will go to the library. Mrs. Rivette, our librarian, has some TDQs and some books for you guys so be extra nice :D


September 7, 2018


Today we reviewed our Schaffer outlines and talked about William Golding, World War II, and Lord of the Flies. We'll start the book next week. Be sure to review your combined Quizlet study guide over the weekend.  There will be a quiz on Monday.


Here's the Brainpop Transcript if you missed it or want to review.


September 6, 2018

Today we started our first Schaffer Paragraph. We learned the basic Terminology and structure, saw some examples, and ready a story about why school should/shouldn't be longer. Your job tonight it to fill in the graphic organizer (all four parts) for a stamp tomorrow.


September 5, 2018

Today we looked at our AR test scores and got a general idea of what the scores and ranking mean. In general, we will use that number to pick out the right books and to track our progress over the year. I have lots of other information about your scores that is available upon request. If you use the website, you can get a lot more information (the websites are on google classroom.)


We also read "A Boy Named Sue" by Shel Silverstein. I love Shel Silverstein and I encourage you to check out some of his books like The Giving Tree and Where the Sidewalk Ends. We annotated the poem looking specifically for narrative structure. Those annotations are due tomorrow. Please follow the directions on the page (a lot of people didn't comment or didn't highlight everything.) Also finish No Red Ink if you haven't I'll get that in the gradebook as soon as possible, but I'm a bit behind since my wife is traveling on business and I have/get to deal with Benno most of the afternoon.


September 4, 2018


Today was a fun day if you like tests and stress and confusion. Basically we took the AR test and I now know your reading levels and can be a little more informed about the expectations in the class. I know these tests aren’t fun but it’s good to take them early in the year while we’re relatively clear-minded. I will give you the results ASAP.


I also sort of messed up with the planner quiz. I didn’t click a certain box and therefore I will never be able to figure out who scored what, so I think I’ll leave the first planner quiz out of the gradebook. BUT if you got an 8 on it I’m happy to give some bonus points. Sorry. My bad. You should know that we will have a lot of these going forward.


August 31, 2018


Today we reviewed Raymond's Run questions and watched a video from a web series called "World's Greatest Wipeouts." All story telling follows a pattern that typically includes five elements. This is true for narrative non-fiction. We listened to Alex Gray's story and tried to identify the five parts. This should be in your notes and stamped.

No real homework other than to finish the questions from "Raymond's Run" and then be ready for the STAR test on Monday. Have a great weekend. I'll be grading your Lottery annotations and hopefully be done by Tuesday.


August 30 (no Slides show)

Benno's sick!


Raymond's Run

He's actually okay but I have to stay home because he's technically still contagious and can't go to school. I left detailed plans and I hope all of you guys will be good and there will be no names written down. Please be respectful and work hard. I'll be stamping all the work tomorrow and if I get a good report I'll try to throw in some free time or part of a movie on Friday. As I said I'm typically out one day a year at most.

Feel free to email me with questions. I'll have the Stamp quiz grades up ASAP. "Raymond's Run" is a classic story and I think you'll enjoy it.  


August 28, 2018


Today we had a quiz on plot structure and also read “Broken Chain”. Be sure to do #3-5 on page 16 in notebook


August 27, 2018


Today we talked about plot structure and 7 key vocab terms associated with it. We also discussed "The Lottery" and how it violated two major conventions of Plot and POV: We don't know the characters, we assume we know the climax.


Homework is to study today's notes (or Quizlet) for a brief quiz tomorrow on Plot Structure.


August 24, 2018


Today we had a lot of computer things to do and most of us got most of it finished. Here's exactly what you should have done:


Point of View Quiz: 11 points, take as many times as you need to, put into Aeries already.


Sign up for Quizlet: Use google classroom link. Make sure name is reflective of your name (this will be important later on -- if you do poorly on a test, you can prove that you studied and then have a retake.)


Log into NoRedInk: You should have finished the Adverbs section. I will probably not grade this assignment, but it's good practice and there will be other tests that will be graded. The important thing is to log in.


Finish annotations: Probably not a lot of people finished this but we should be about three pages into it. We will finish this on Monday.


BWCSTA (books we can't stop talking about)

Proof of Forever


The Hate U Give

Spilled Milk

Before I Fall

Life in a Fishbowl

The Fault in Our Stars

Dorothy Must Die


I will order all of these that I don't have (If I can afford them). Stay tuned. Have a nice weekend!


August 23, 2018


Today we started annotating "The Lottery" digitally. It would be great if we got two pages annotated (maybe 10 comments per page) and then about 20 highlights per page, but it's not homework. We will have to finish in class tomorrow, but we got off to a great start.

We also signed into No Red Ink. Tomorrow we'l review and do some Quizlet/Kahoot stuff. Bring Books!!


August 22, 2018

Today we read "The Lottery" and discussed point of view. Independent reading books due tomorrow! If you were absent, please read the story to be prepared for tomorrow, otherwise you'll be quite confused in the discussion, annotations. Here is a link.


August 21, 2018

Today we did some notes on Adverbs and their three primary functions. They can describe adjectives, verbs, or other adverbs. Then we used pairs of words to describe ourselves ("gainfully employed," "newly married," "exceptionally tall") and made name cards. I'll stamp those tomorrow.

In most classes we got on the chromebooks (sorry per. 2 and 3)

We'll have some fun reading tomorrow.


August 20, 2018


Today was a great first day. I know there's a lot of information regarding the class, but it will get straightened out soon enough. Here's the video from today if you want to watch it again.


Here are some things I forgot to mention:


You must be signed in to your OUSD account in order to access the Slides presentations. We will work on this a bit tomorrow.

I had to change the syllabus a bit so it should be ready to look at tonight. Again, it's due on Wednesday.


There is an informal survey on google classroom. We can do this tomorrow in class. The google classroom codes are as follows:


PER 2-3 xydwrn6

PER 4-5 gxywd

Per 7-8 nlhewr


August 17, 2018


So everyone should have their schedules at this point. I had a chance to look at my roster and I am excited to finally start on Monday. I like to start learning people's names as soon as possible, so if you have a nickname or if you have a different pronunciation, feel free to let me know by email. Also, if you absolutely hate your 7th grade picture and want to use a different one, feel free to send me another one. Also, a few of you don't have pictures yet. If you want to send me a picture to use until Aeries gets updated, I could learn your name a little faster.


Here's what I look like fyi. My son Benno is better looking so going forward I'll just use pictures of him for all of the online materials.


August 8, 2018

So I smashed my hand pretty good last week and typing is a bit tortuous so I'll keep this brief. Normally, however, I like to post just about every significant event that happens in class. Since you've checked in already, it might be a good idea to take a look at some of the old postings. Keep in mind, however, that this class tends to evolve each year depending on circumstances. In three years at King Middle School, however, I've always maintained a daily website, so have a look at it if you're interested.

What else? This class is astonishingly easy if you do the work and reach out for help. If you have questions about anything, I always answer emails. So if you have any questions about the class feel free to send an email. Here's what you will need:

MLK Student Planner

Independent reading book

Dedicated Spiral Notebook (just for this class) college ruled (25 cents at Target)

3 Pens

2 Mechanical Pencils

4 Highlighters Pink/Blue/Orange/Yellow


Other details:


The class is basically paperless. We use google classroom for most of our writing and sometimes we'll take notes in our notebooks, but I don't pass out a lot of papers. The important documents are always available online.


We read for 18 minutes every day. If you have a grade-level book you want to bring in, please do so on the first day. If you have a smartphone or kindle, you can bring that as well. I also have a classroom library that is well-stocked and I'm happy to check out books to students (we'll go over check-out procedures on the first or second day).