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Book People Won't Stop Talking About

This is where it ends


The Boyfriend (R.L. Stein)

Escape from Camp 14

You're Welcome, Universe


The Great Gatsby

Relic Masters Part 1 (Catherine Fisher)

The Twisted Ones


Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Ready Player One

Looking for Alaska


Witch and Wizard


Tangerine (Edward Bloor)

Among the Free (Margaret Peterson Haddix)

Sandpiper (Ellen Witlinger)

Holding up the Universe (Jennifer Niven)

Dead End in Norvelt

Everything, Everything

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard (Rick Riordan)

Go Ask Alice

Needful Things

Museum of Thieves

Darius and Twig

Reached (Ally Condie)

A Night Divided

Shine (Jeri Smith-Ready)

Still Life with Tornado


The Shining (Stephen King)

The Girl Who Came Home (Hazel Gaynor)

What Light

Can I Keep My Jersey (Paul Shirley)

The Silent Boy

Warriors, Vision of Shadows

The Silent Boy

The House on Mango Street (Sandra Cisneros)

A Simple Plan

Pet Semetary

All the Bright Places

The Fault in our Stars


English 8



May 25, 2018


Today we read chapter 8 and started our avatar projects which will be due Next Week. Also read and QPEC ch. 8 (4 two lines each)

May 24, 2018


Today we did our TDQs on 4-7 and read some poems. Will start ch. 8 tomorrow.

May 23, 2018


Today we looked at our QPECs and had a stamp quiz. We also read up to page 111 ("are you taking Sandy to the party"). Do QPECs for this chapter for stamp. We also Kahooted for German Chocolate.


May 22, 2018


Today we read chapter 6 and reviewed the S.E. Hinton Interview annotations. Be sure to QPEC ch. 6 and have 5 QPECs at least two lines long. Will have stamp quiz tomorrow.



May 21, 2018

Today we finished Ch. 5 and started annotating an interview with S.E. Hinton. Have these completely annotated by tomorrow..


May 18, 2018


Today we reviewed the TDQs and read up to page 74 in ch. 5 "He coulda walked out with half the store." Please memorize the poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay" and bring in your books. Also, QPEC ch. 5. You should have about 10 in total for ch. 3-5


May 17, 2018


I'm out today but your job is to do six QPECs in your notebook during class and to read chapter 4 and do three QPECs. Be good for the sub today



May 16, 2018


Today we read up to the middle of page 48 when Ponyboy says, "Since I was dreaming I brought mom back to life." Tomorrow I'll be out but we need to have our QPECS complete. Here's "Well, that escalated quickly" by Gerard in per. 2-3. It's a 13-point poem.




Well That Escalated Quickly...


Oh great, I have to create, 

Create a poem for english class,

This poem is a package of trash,

Who cares if I pass?


Clack! Crack! Crash!

Did you hear that? It was my grade,

Now it’s in pain, like Alfonso’s broken chain. 


Oh great, it’s merely midnight,

And this poem is taking me years, 

Like the indomitable progression of time that is gradually guiding us all towards an inevitable death.


May 15, 2018

Today we read up to page 30 or where Cherry says, "Yeah, boy, real simple." Here are the quizlet terms. Homework is 3 qpecs, have poem done and memorize "Nothing Gold Can Stay." Also annotate Youth Gang article

May 14, 2018



Today we looked at some 10 point poems and also read Outsiders up to page 12 or the word "Tuff." Please QPEC up until this point in the book and have the character notes if you missed class for SBAC. Other work will be due Wednesday (10 point poem and Youth Gang Annotations). 

I have the pdf linked on the left.



May 7 - 11


Today was all SBAC testing. Next week we will begin The Outsiders. It will probably take us up to the end of the year. There are a few things on Google Classroom but no assigned homework because all of our class time was used for SBACs.

There will be one final book plug though so it wouldn't hurt to do some reading this weekend.

May 4, 2018

Today we watched this video of Kirk Gibson's walk off home run and read this poem. We also listened to "Take Five" and talked about jazz music and poetry and how Gwendolyn Brooks' poems "We Real Cool" incorporates the rhythms of jazz. We also talked about Robert Frost and "Stopping in Woods on a Snowy Evening" and "Nothing Gold Can Stay." Homework for May 14: memorize "Nothing Gold Can Stay."

May 3, 2018

Today we talked about epic poems and ballads. We learned a bit about Beowulf from Classics Summarized and your job tonight is to do 1-6 on 443 of our textbook (!) If you won Kahoot, you can do 3 questions. If you were in second place you could do 4 and third 1. 

We also read "Casey at the Bat." There is a bit of overlap. We will go over the answers tomorrow and read our 10 point poems. We'll also read "Nothing Gold Can Stay."



May 2, 2018

Today we took another look at "Sick" by Shel Silverstein and saw a TED talk on Shakespeare and hip hop. Homework is the finish the handout (sorry owls!) and get it stamped tomorrow. Stamp test coming soon so have all your stuff stamped. Poems and handout due tomorrow. 10 point poems are easy. She shrieks like a muggle and her mop's some hops like fuggle. Or does she, gee you three must be tip top from papoose shop the the top of the tree.


Again: pow.




alliteration, simile, rhetorical question, consonance, assonance, onmotopia, repetition, metaphor, assonance, hyperbole, personification, repetition.


May 1, 2018


Today we took a closer look at Harlem and finished some presentations and talked about our dreams. If you want to start on poem, you can do so in your notebook. They won't be due until Thursday. 1 Point per term and you should have at least 10 points. So, for example, "Harlem" would be six points because it has end rhyme, rhetorical questions, repetition, simile, alliteration and assonance. 

We also watched "The Bells" which is linked here. It was apparently a AP Lit project, but it's a bit spooky towards the end, but I think Poe would approve of the tone.


April 30, 2018

Today we read "Harlem" by Langston Hughes and took our Poetry quiz. Grades are on Aeries.


April 27, 2018

Today we finished up our presentations and Monday we will have a poetry quiz. See Quizlet for Details (link on left of this page)


April 26, 2018


Worked on more presentations. See quizlet terms on Poetry to get ahead for next week.

April 25, 2018


Today we did more presentations and will try to finish most of them tomorrow. I had to leave early to take Benno to the doctor but he's okay. 


April 24, 2018


Today we started presentations and played Kahoots at the end of them. I saw a lot of good presentations today. 

Be sure to:

use cool, high-res artwork

animate bullet points.

Poems should be presented in their pure form (no annotations) for the first time.

Be sure not to lose sight of the story itself. 

Pronounce words correctly (look them up).

Ask for help before the presentation.

Be prepared to go tomorrow (even if you're not scheduled).


Also: See my presentations for 4-20 and 4-19 for specific samples.


April 23, 2018

Today we talked about Theme. The brainpop is linked. Presentation starts tomorrow, getting those ready is the only homework.


April 20, 2018


Today we finished up our Slides presentations and talked a bit about researching our poems/short stories. Be sure to go Beyond simply the information required in the directions. For example, allusion, context, etc. In researching your story/poem, you'll probably find out some information that needs to be in the presentation.

Let me know if you have technical questions. Be ready to present on Monday.


April 19, 2018

Today we looked at a sample presentation and worked on our slides shows that are due Monday.



April 18, 2018


Today we finished up our Poetry to Prose Translation and hopefully we have decided on our stories. We'll spend the rest of the week doing those projects and reading "Annabell Lee." 

Be Sure to Link book plugs and sign up for a short story/poem.

April 17, 2018


Today we saw a brainpop on Poetry and also translated "The Raven" into prose. See google classroom for detailed instruction. This is due AT THE END OF CLASS TOMORROW . Here is the brainpop transcript (it's very similar to your notes from yesterday)




April 16, 2018


Today we worked on our TDQs from "Pit and the Pendulum" and we also took some poetry notes. Be sure to turn in and link book plugs, also turn in TDQs. Also a good idea to sign up for a group project for Poe (sign ups on google classroom)


April 4, 2018


No real instruction today since we worked on benchmarks, but I'll talk about my late work policy:

During the last six weeks of school, there should be no late work. If you are absent, I will accept it at no penalty the next day you are in class. Otherwise, get it in.

This class has had roughly 40 assignments this year. If you miss one assignment, your grade will be affected by about half a percentage point. If you want to eliminate all the zeros, that's fine, but you have to come it at lunch and be advised that I will eventually make a note that says "no more late work" and I can only give a fraction of full credit.

A lot of students are not doing homework for the first two trimesters and then trying to turn it all in at once. This is logistically impossible and sort of clogs up the system for those who may have honestly forgotten about a single assignment (or didn't turn it in on Classroom). 

If you're in doubt, come in and see me at lunch. I'm always here. If you're in danger of failing and have met with Dr. Dunning, I'm happy to set up a plan to get you a passing grade. But, to sum up, it's hard to turn a D into an A or an F into a B at this point in the year. So let's manage expectations and focus on the next six weeks as opposed to the previous 12.



April 3, 2018


Today we read "The Pit and the Pendulum." I put a quiz online and you can take it for bonus points since we didn't take it in class (you can only take it once.)


April 2, 2018


Today we finished our TDQs for "Cask of Amontillado" TDQs due on Google Classroom tomorrow (please turn in). Also, read the digital handout on the Spanish Inquisition and be ready for a very brief quiz (questions are on the Google Classroom stream)



March 30, 2018


Today we read "Cask of Amontillado" and talked about the vocab and themes at play in the story. We also got or Star test results back and took a grammar quiz. If you were absent, you have to come in at lunch for a retake.

Homework is to do the TDQs for "Cask" but they're not due until Tuesday.


March 29, 2018



Today we doc shared and reviewed the TDQs from "Masque of the Red Death" and Kahooted in a few classes. Tomorrow we'll read Pit and the Pendulum, I think. Also: grammar quiz-- Study!



March 28, 2018



Today we read "Masque of the Red Death" and learned about the plague from Brainpop. TDQs are due tomorrow. We'll try to get the group sharing working again but for now it's a bit of a security issue with the names/autofill thing. 


March 27, 2018


Today we evaluated arguments in two different Poe articles. Extracting the reasons from each articles, we try to evaluate the validity of each one. Mostly, people believe the Rabies article by a 2:1 margin. 

We also looked at the library checkout policy and looked at new quizlet terms from the drive thru grammar handout. We will have a quiz on this before the end of the grading period.

Homework is to finish evaluating the arguments. And turn it in on google classroom.


March 26, 2018

Today we did our TDQs for "Tell Tale Heart" and took the Brainpop quiz.



March 23, 2018



Today we read "Tell Tale Heart" and watched a delightful cartoon interpretation of it. We also took some notes on Poe that we stamped. No homework, but please see Yesterday's note about final drafts. Many didn't turn them in which is sad given the amount of class time we put into it. :(





March 22, 2018


Today we finished up our essays and some of you guys got to peer review a bit. Final drafts due tomorrow, no exceptions.



March 21, 2018



Today was watched the CrashCourse Literature video on TKAM and I had no idea that John Green was the guy who wrote the the Fault in Our Stars but whatever. Anyway, we took a quiz on it and I'll try to get those in the gradebook somehow. Rough drafts due tomorrow and hopefully we'll be able to peer edit a bit before moving onto Edgar Allen Poe.


March 20, 2018

Today we wrote our conclusions. I'll try to get AR test scores printed tomorrow. Go ahead and start with the rough drafts of the essays but tomorrow's peer review will be invitation only.


March 19, 2018



Today we did our AR tests. I'll have the data by tomorrow (I'm trying to avoid printing). If you want, you can have your parents log in and maybe you can see your scores (click, I'm a parent). I don't know if you can see your previous scores or your growth.


Intro paragraphs due tomorrow.




March 16, 2018


Today we talked about our Introductions. The maps and g.o.s are on google classroom. I put most of the g.o.s on Aeries. Here's the video I talked about in 2nd period. It's pretty interesting and it has some good info on the impact of TKAM which is important to have in your intro. We also watched the end of TKAM movie.


March 15, 2018


Today we reviewed the test and typed up our 3rd body paragraph on Bob Ewell and why he isn't a mockingbird. Hopefully we'll have time to peer review a bit tomorrow and finalize the body paragraphs



March 14, 2018


Today we had a short lesson on pi. Here's a video that sort of explains what I was talking about. My point is that pi is interesting because the decimals seem to go on forever, but if you were ever to try to use those decimals for anything important, you would find they run out of usefulness after about 15 decimals. For example, if you wanted to build a fence out of toothpicks and have this fence wrap around the earth, you could calculate the number of toothpicks using only a few decimal places of pi. After the fifth decimal place, you're just talking about how to split a single toothpick. So what's the point? No one will ever need those digits to do anything.


We also watched this video on TKAM and the four big lessons. Then we had a test. Grades are in Aeries.


March 13, 2018


Today we reviewed our TDQs and worked on our Boo paragraphs. These are due tomorrow if you didn't finish in class. Also: quiz tomorrow. Study guide is on this page, to the left under TKAM study guide.

March 12, 2018


Today we talked about our upcoming writing project on Who is the Mockingbird and started our last TDQs and took a practice quiz.


March 9, 2018

Today we finished TKAM and watched a bit of the 1962 film. (Up to the end of the trial in most classes) Please watch it. Here's some cool trivia about the movie.

We also QPECed the end.



March 8, 2018

4 x 2 qpecs tomorrow on ch 29 and 30


We read all of ch. 28, 29, and 30

March 7, 2018


Today we read up to the end of the pageant in Ch. 28 (when Judge Taylor slaps his knee and has to take a pill). We'll finish that chapter tomorrow. We also talked about bildungsromans and how they are defined as a coming of age novel where the protagonist learns something about the world. TKAM is one of these.

5 x 3 qpecs for SLD


March 6, 2018


Today we read through most of chapter 27 and started TDQs which are due tomorrow. Follow directions (the last one, regarding the three things that happened, doesn't need commentary or a quote.)

March 5, 2018


Today we talked a bit about the Emma Gonzalez speech, went to the library, and read chapter 25 in most classes and a bit of chapter 26. Please have 5 qpecs done for tomorrow for stamp maybe a few more.



March 2, 2018


Today we talked about BWCSTA and I shared On Writing by Stephen King. This book had its own list of must-reads, you can check in out here. We also heard about Ender's Game, Mort (Discworld), and The Tommyknockers. We also learned about Humboldt State University (see slideshow). Homework is to read the Emma Gonzalez speech and look up Tinker v. Des Moines. Because. No. One. Looked. It. Up. :(

We also read Ch. 24 of TKAM (most classes) and talked about the hypocrisy of the missionary circle and Maycomb in general.

Have a great weekend.


March 1, 2018


Today we finished most of 23 in per 2 and 3 and all of 23 in per 4-8. Take test on line and finish annotations for homework.


Febrrary 28, 2018


Today we read chapter 21 and 22 in most classes. We also started to have a look at Emma Gonzalez' speech. Please annotate and read by Friday and also take the online quiz by tomorrow. 



February 27, 2018


Here are the questions if you didn't get them in class. We read chapter 19-20 today in most classes.


February 26, 2018


Today we reviewed differences between TKAM movie and book. IF YOU WEREN'T HERE ON FRIDAY, YOU CAN GET A STAMP BY WATCHING THE FIRST PART OF THE FILM (UP TO TIM JOHNSON'S DEATH) ON NETFLIX. (Don't watch beyond that).




February 15, 2018


Today we didn't really have class but we played some games in 5th and started TKAM movie in 7 and 8. Be sure that you have the differences between the movie and the book in your notebook. You should be able to come up with about 10 things. I'll stamp when we get back.


Have a great break!


February 14, 2018


Today we talked about birds and read Ch. 17 (parts of 18) in most classes. Homework is book plugs due tomorrow.


February 13, 2018

Here are the TDQs for 13-16 due tomorrow. Today we read chapter 16 of TKAM and talked about some of the people who are parading through town on their way to the trial. Stamp quiz tomorrow!


February 12, 2018

Today we read chapter 15 and looked at a map of downtown Maycomb. We also talked about pronouns and antecedents as well as some of the "what ifs" in TKAM had Scout not responded the way she had.



February 9, 2018


Today we read half of 15 and looked at the storyboards for the first half of TKAM and updated character map.


Here are the BWCSTA



February 8, 2018


Today we read chapter 14 and finished up the storyboards in the comp lab.





February 7, 2018


Today we went over the TDQs and read chapter 13. We also talked about Foil Characters, Heredity, and the Caste System. In a sentence, Atticus and Scout believe that people are basically people, but Aunt Alexandra believes that some families are how they are because of heredity; however her theories don't really hold up under scrutiny. 

February 6, 2018


Today we did our 8-12 TDQs in class and finished chapter 12 and looked at some QPECs. I also put up the book plug, which we'll have to do before the 6 week grading period, but that's a lot of time considering our daily reading.



February 5, 2018


Today we reviewed the annotations and also Friday's quiz. We read all of ch. 12 of TKAM (in most classes) QPECs due tomorrow for stamp.


February 2, 2018


Today we had our Part 1 TKAM quiz and planner/stamp check. I'll get the grades up for the planner/stamp check soon, but the quiz grades are in. 

Be sure to read/annotate over the weekend. It should take 15-30 minutes or so.


February 1, 2018

Today we reviewed for our test and finished up chapter 11 and did an all class QPEC discussion which was fun. QPECs for 11 due tomorrow and study for quiz (top five on Quizizz get an automatic A)


January 31, 2018


Today we finished up some no red ink and started chapter 11.


January 30, 2018

Today we had parents stop by and we did our first Student Led QPEC discussion from TKAM. Let's get some more QPECs for ch. 10 in our notebooks tomorrow for a stamp. There are some big questions out there, specifically, who did Atticus not make a big deal of his ability to shoot, and how on earth could you not hold a gun for 30 years yet shoot better than the town sheriff? 


January 29. 2018


Today we finished Ch. 9 of TKAM and talked about semi-colons. Be sure to finish the No Red Ink Module (sorry we didn't have time today; will try to get the chrome books out tomorrow) as well as the practice quiz on Quizizz. 

Most of you have some QPECs for tomorrow's discussion on Chapter 9. I'll stamp these tomorrow.


January 26, 2018


Some of you guys were gone today, but we read basically half of chapter 9 of TKAM. We got to when Atticus says, "Sister, I do the best I can with them!" We also looked at our stocks and we also looked at some maps. Some maps were great. I'll put them all up on a powerpoint soon but I want to wait until Monday. Here are the BWCSTA for the day and last week. I'll try to get them listed properly. 

Homework is 4-5 QPECS two lines each for Ch. 9 (just the first half, sorry I don't know the page number exactly). Quality is better than quality so if you're not getting two stamps (or one stamp) do five. 



January 25, 2018

We looked at this and we worked mostly on our maps using the pdf of TKAM. 


January 24, 2018


Today we read chapter 8 and looked at some cool maps. The maps are due for a stamp on Friday and we worked in groups on TDQs. Do a total of six and the bold ones are mandatory. Use the book or PDF. Here are the questions


January 23, 2018

Today we read Chapters 6 and 7 and reviewed names on Quizlet. We also started our Annotated Maps project. The instructions are on the handout and it's due on Thursday. You can work on it tonight but also finish the online practice quiz. We'll do TDQs tomorrow.


January 22, 2018

Today we reviewed Run-On Sentences and we projected our QPECs from TKAM Ch. 5 and also took an online quiz. Be sure to take that quiz ASAP as it's going in the gradebook. If you did poorly, study and take it again before the end of the week. We also read to the middle of chapter 6.

January 19, 2018


Today we actually had independent reading. Please make sure you have a book on Monday. We also did a quick mini-grammar lesson on active/passive voice. You should have changed the words "The Passive Voice Should Never Be Used" To "Use the Active Voice," or "Writers should use the active voice."

We also read TKAM ch. 5 and QPECS (4) are due Monday. Have a great weekend. We also updated character maps adding Bob Ewell, Miss Maudie Atkinson and Miss Stephanie Crawford.

January 18


No slides presentation today because I was out but TDQs are due tomorrow if you didn't finish them. You don't need page numbers though or direct quotes. Sorry if there was confusion with the sub.

If you don't do them, you can always get them done over the weekend for a late stamp and I"ll make that stamp 80 percent rather than 70 percent.



January 17, 2018

Today we finished typing our essays and looked at some last minute pointers for the essays. Please check these out before submitting.


January 16, 2018
Today we talked about body paragraphs and looked at a sample essay. We started typing up our essays. I stamped the outlines which should have been done by today and we finished chapter 3 of TKAM. Tomorrow is the last day to type.


January 12, 2018


Today we started outlining our essays and we will finish this process on Tuesday and Wednesday. We also talked about introductions and what makes a good introductions. The Slides show has most of the notes, but the actual sample doc is here.


We also started Ch. 3 of TKAM and watched a short video of Barack Obama's final speech where he implored America to be more like Atticus Finch. Check it out.


January 11, 2018


Today we finished the questions from the Shamu Showdown and started the outline part of the essay. Once this is done, people can start typing their essay. They will be due by the end of class on Wednesday and all of the docs are online (see below). 


We also read Ch. 2 of To Kill a Mockingbird. The PDF is on the left if you didn't get to read it.



Kahoot to study for tomorrow.


January 10, 2018


Today we looked at two articles and annotated them. These annotations ("Orcas Do Not Belong in Captivity" and "SeaWorld appreciates whales, promotes Wildlife Conservation" are due tomorrow. Also due tomorrow are 5 QPECs from chapter 1 of TKAM. The graphic organizer is available to look at if you like and I've put the entire group of documents online if you lose one.


January 9, 2018

Today we started our argument essay. We annotated a Scholastic News article and watched and took notes on two videos. Tomorrow we'll annotate two more articles and start outlining on Thursday. I'll get all the necessary links up so you can keep track of everything. 

We also started To Kill a Mockingbird. We'll move through that book pretty quickly but we read up to the middle of chapter 1 today when Boo is locked up by his dad.


January 8, 2018


Today we reviewed the rules and talked about the historical context of Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird. We learned that TKAM is basically the only book she ever wrote (although she wrote Go Set a Watchman in 2015, shortly before her death). We also learned that this story was takes place during the depression, but was written during the Civil Rights Movement. We also talked about stocks and how the crash of the stock market led to a Depression. Our homework is to pick a stock and find its value (use Google Classroom).